Eczema help!


12th Feb 2018                                    21st of Jan 2019

This time of year has always played havoc with my skin. It has always gone down hill as soon as the weather does, which then makes my skin a lot more sensitive. Over the years I have found a few easy tricks that really help to keep it more under control and at bay.

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Bar Cart Loving!


Back in the 1940’s a bar cart was supposedly the best glamorous item to have in your home! Recently the bar cart has become popular again in houses with beautiful ways to decorate and design with them. Drinking is a popular pass time at the Croft house so I knew when we moved into our house and had space in our dining room I knew that was the perfect spot for that much needed drinks trolley!

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Zoflora Love

When it comes to cleaning products it doesn’t get better than Zoflora! My love first came for it when I literally kicked the bucket (Of the Zoflora at my mum’s house) Mum has always filled the mop bucket of hot water and a cap full of her favourite Zoflora (Spring time) and left it in the bathrooms with the door shut, I always used to laugh at her for doing it until I got my own house and realised Zoflora is life. Pink Grapefruit is my all time ultimate favourite Zoflora scent even the boys comment on how nice it smells but it is Limited Edition so if you see it make sure you get it while you can. I thought I would put together a list of all the things I use Zoflora for, the list is long but very worth it.

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My Favourite Home Shops

It’s no secret that I am addicted to buying everything you can for a house! Yes I am that girl that has rose gold latte spoons for no reason whatsoever but the secret is I never spend over £10/15 pounds for most items in my house! (If it is over £10/15 it normally comes out of Sam’s wallet!) I thought I would put together a few of my favourite places to buy house items and what I normally get from those places hopefully it will give you all a little inspiration or just a really good nose into where I got things from!

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An allergy test!


After a year and a half, and some cancellations later I finally got my allergy test done! I was completely pooping about getting it done even though I knew there was no reason to be. I had no idea that when hospitals do allergy tests there are over 20 different patch tests you can have done. The two I had were face and body, which meant I had 68 different products on my back. 68!! They were a mixture of long word names I have never heard of before or even noticed were in my every day products such as soaps, soft drinks, ink and everything!

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Diy Floral Hoop

Photo from

For our wedding I really wanted to do a lot of the decorations myself as I love a bit of DIY so obviously Pinterest has been my best friend for years since me and Sam first got engaged! I recently came across some floral hoops that I thought would be easy to make but still look really effective in our marquee and as always got Sam to help me in my mad daily task!

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